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Bareboat Yacht Charters

A charter is a method of shipping in which you hire a specific company or party to deliver by ship a cargo. When using a charter to deliver a bareboat yacht you are employing the service of a company who takes legal or financial responsibility to the yacht in question while additionally supplying labor and insurance. During a bareboat charter the owner of the ship gives up possession to the charterer who then supplies his own master and crew to manage it. In yacht culture these charters are extremely common and tend to operate on small periods of time. In fact there exist many yacht charter brokers and agencies that specialize in finding the perfect yacht for a client based on his/her own interests. The clients interests may be divided in many specific qualities. Everything from price, location, time of charter, size, age, and appearance may make a difference. In most cases when people reference bareboat yachts what they are actually referring to is sailboats and sometimes catamarans. Over the past two decades bareboat yacht chartering has become increasingly popular both due to more affordable rates and cultural popularity. When a group of individuals combine finances to charter a bareboat one individual is often chosen as the “skipper” for the group. A skipper is a person who commands or takes charge of a bareboat. The skipper is legally and financially held accountable for the well being of the bareboat.

Crewed Yacht Charters

A crewed yacht charter is the loaning out of a yacht that comes with a trained, professional crew already attached to it. The person chartering the yacht never loses ownership however, its care is directly placed into the hands of a dedicated yacht master or skipper. A crewed yacht charter is more expensive than a bareboat yacht charter because it rented out to you with full legal and financial responsibility on the yacht captain and not the client. By taking a crewed yacht charter you are allowing yourself a trusted source of leadership, management, maintenance, and safety while at sea. That being said the price in chartering these yachts and crews will be dramatically higher.

Learn to Sail a Yacht

Learning to sail a yacht is no easy task. However, there are a great deal of sources and options presented to anyone who would like to learn to sail a yacht. A decent place to start learning how to sail a yacht begins at the basic level the yacht or boat itself. In order to understand how to sail you must understand the various parts of the yacht and their purposes. The front of the yacht is called the bow. The tall pole that stands in the middle of the yacht is called the mast. The mast holds the main sail of the ship and in the front towards the bow is the Jib. The Jib is a second sail that is responsible for pushing the yacht forward. The back of the yacht is called the stern. The Halyard is the line that is used to raise or lower the sails. The hull is the correct term for the main body of the boat. Everything that exists under the deck is considered the hull. The wheel is the tool used to maintain control of the ship’s direction. The wheel is connected to the tiller which is a tool connected to the rudder. The rudder is main force of steering in the ship and is what physical moves the boat in a different direction. These are just a few of the many parts that make up a yacht. In order to learn how to properly sail a yacht you must first learn about how all of the various parts operate in combination with each other.

The Benefits of Yacht Ownership

By purchasing a brand new yacht you open yourself up to world of huge possibilities. Typically what yacht owners accomplish is managing to buy a yacht for personal use and writing off its price, maintenance, supplies, labor, and ownership as a deductible business expense. In most cases the yacht in question will be chartered out during portions of the year for the use of another client. The client will take a bareboat yacht charter or crewed yacht charter out on your yacht pay you for its use or shipping. When you agree to place your yacht into charter through an agency or broker you do not lose access or ownership of the yacht itself. It simply means that someone out there who is looking for a yacht through a broker or agency may decide on renting yours. When this happens the broker acts as the middleman collecting a percentage of the chartering fee. The yacht owner collects payment for his/her business endeavor and receives the boat upon an agreed date. The yacht itself is typically left in the legal, financial, and physical care of an experienced, licensed skipper or sea captain. By pursuing the correct tax sheltering options your yacht will cost significantly less in price and will continue to collect income as it is chartered out throughout the year.

Yacht Management Options

There are many yacht management and ownership options available. The two most basic forms of yacht management are bareboat management and crewed management. In bareboat management you are responsible for the legal, physical, and financial wellbeing of the yacht. This means you must supply your own sea captain, or skipper who is capable of being in possession of the yacht for all intents and purposes. Additionally you are responsible for the insurance of the yacht. In a crewed management you are given a crew and skipper that is responsible for the well being of the boat. The crewed management option is more expensive as you have to cover wages for the sea captain and first mate. Most ownership options exist in the form of partial ownership, chartering, or financing. Many agencies will allow you to put just over 50% of the whole price of the yacht down and allow you to finance the rest of it over a period of time. Some agencies even allow group ownership where ideally you would co-own the yacht with anywhere from 2-5 individuals by splitting the whole price. These options are nearly limitless as there are hundreds of yacht brokers and agencies with multiple variations of similar ownership options.

Charter Destinations

There are hundreds if not thousands of incredible destinations for your next charter. Each and every continent has beautiful tropical sites that could be your very own paradise. One of the most popular charter destinations is the Mediterranean which is home to countries like Greece, Croatia, Italy, Turkey and French Riviera. Some of the most extravagant areas to sail in the world are found in Europe’s Black Sea, British Isles, and Adriatic Sea. Without question however, the most widely traveled to area in the world by yacht are in the Caribbean and Bahamas. Between the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, The Windward Islands, and Tortola there is truly no end to the spectacular Caribbean in site. Those who are truly adventurous may consider going as far as Australia for a once in a lifetime experience. When you charter the possibilities are limitless.

Family Charters

Family charters are an amazing experience for families at all age levels. To begin with whether you have an experienced sea captain or you head the yacht yourself there is a great deal of teamwork involved. This teamwork creates a breathtaking bonding experience for the family as a whole. With each member of the family having specific jobs, working together to evenly distribute the work in such a way that your vacation is not just relaxing but earned individually. When taking out a family charter typically there are a few included aspects of the deal. First, you are given a sea captain or an instructor if need be to assist with everything necessary to utilize the yacht to its full safe potential. The charter comes with cruising permits, and licenses to go to national parks or landmarks with ease. The charter also comes with full yacht insurance and in some cases simply hull insurance to ease the thought of potential damage. These charters also come directly with inverters and generators so that you may have easy access to electronics, chargers, and outlets. Boat fuel, clean drinking water, sheets, linens, towels, and essentials are typically included so that you may have a stress free trip. In many cases it is not uncommon for these charters to come directly with tools to enjoy water sports. This may include anything from jet skis, to diving gear, to life vests for swimming, to surfing equipment and much more. The objective of a family charter is to ensure that your family has everything it needs to have an out of this world experience.


Are you looking to do something beyond special for your honeymoon? Perhaps you are simply looking for a one of a kind romantic experience? When you charter for your honeymoon you can expect to have the time of your life. Just imagine sailing out into new waters each morning and experiencing a new tropical location each day. A honeymoon charter can be completely customized down to every last preference you have. You can plan a trip where land never leaves your eyesight if you are a bit shy to the open waters.

You can plan a charter that is short term or long. Whats more is that depending on your level of instruction you can take out a charter with yourself as the captain or you can hire a a responsible sea captain who is skilled in the art of making your trip as stress free and fascinating as possible. Sea captains are there for one purpose that is to safely get you from your first destination to your second and so on and so forth. Other than that task the captain is always courteous in leaving you and your company alone without interaction. Feel free to relax and visit each new beach enjoying the view on land and off. The possibilities are limitless with these honeymoons.

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